1 Conference “Electronic Culture. Modern IT & (E-) Learning”
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Conference “Electronic Culture. Modern IT & (E-) Learning”

13October 2009


Conference “Electronic Culture. Modern IT & (E-) Learning”

On October 6, 2009, specialists from Astrakhan Representative Office, ICL-KME CS, took part in an International Scientific Conference «Electronic Culture. Modern IT & (E-) Learning» organized by the Government of Astrakhan region, Astrakhan State University and science and education representatives from other regions of Russia as well as from the Ukraine, Bulgaria, France, Spain and the USA. The Conference is held annually and is dedicated to discussion of scientific research and practical results of IT development in various spheres of activities.

The highly topical programme comprised papers presented by leading scientists specializing in Information Technologies, an exhibition of authoring electronic training systems and equipment and a presentation of services of ICT companies. Within the Conference programme, the representatives of ICL demonstrated ICLab (a mobile classroom), made a presentation of EDMS DIRECTUM functionality, introduced information on services, equipment manufactured and innovation technologies used by the Company.

Irina Maksimkina, the Implementation Manager of ECM systems, Astrakhan Representative Office, ICL-KME CS, presented a paper on Electronic Data Management System as a Component of Electronic Government. The problems of arranging interaction between governmental bodies and physical and legal entities within the modern concept of transition to electronic management of governmental structure procedures based on advantages granted by ECM systems were covered in the paper. The project Implementation of DIRECTUM, an Electronic Data Management and Interaction Management System, in the Governor’s Administration, the Government and executive government bodies of Astrakhan Region was demonstrated as a successful implementation case of effective transition from paper document flow to an electronic one.

Summarizing the Conference results, Sergey Buzychkin, the First Deputy Head of Communications and Mass Communication Agency of Astrakhan Region, expressed his hope for future meetings. «The more often we all meet, the more likely we are to find areas of common interest,» emphasised Buzykin.

Source: www.aspu.ru/mid/19/idnews/1375.

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