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CRN/RE Sums Up the Results of TOP 25 Regional IT Companies 2017

11September 2017


CRN/RE Sums Up the Results of TOP 25 Regional IT Companies 2017

The CRN/RE editorial board has published the results of the 10th TOP 25 Regional IT Companies project. ICL Group is named as the second on this rating list and the best IT Company in the Volga Federal District.

The winners are selected by the method of expert assessments from among 216 regional IT companies. At the first stage, a preliminary list of candidates is drawn up. This year, it has included the winners of the previous ratings, as well as the best (according to the performance results in 2016) second-tier partners named by vendors and distributors.

At the second stage, the preliminary list of candidates is passed on to the experts. Each of them can select no more than 25 companies the expert thinks to be worth the winners. After that, the expert is to assess the candidates by four criteria, namely, Scale of Business, Business Dynamics, Professionalism of the Team, and Reputation in the Marketplace, on a ten-point rating scale in every nomination.

Simple vote counting determines the winners. As a result, the choice has been given to 26 companies (the candidates placed as 25th and 26th have scored the same number of votes) more often than others mentioned in questionnaires of experts.

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