1 Experts from ICL — KME CS Take Part in CRM 2016
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Experts from ICL — KME CS Take Part in CRM 2016

07November 2016


Experts from ICL — KME CS Take Part in CRM 2016

Development of business opportunities in the context of active implementation of new technologies and constantly changing client demands were the core theme of CRM 2016 Day. ICL — KME CS was one of the partners of the event. Ivan Shashurov, an expert from ICL — KME CS, in his report highlighted the increasingly important role of information in the present-day world and spoke about how to secure a company against the leak of confidential data.

More than 900 people participated in CRM Day 2016 organized by Terrasoft. The Event took place in Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. Thirty reports dedicated to case studies and success stories in marketing, sales, services, and IT were delivered within 8 hours of continuous work.

The largest companies, the leading players in the Russian market, acted as the partners of the Event, ICL — KME CS among them.

Ivan Shashurov, the Head of Information Security Department, ICL — KME CS, was one of the key speakers in IT section. In his report, he told the participants of the Event how to build an effective protection system against the leak of confidential information.

According to Ivan Shashurov, having a DLP system is not enough to fight information leaks effectively. A company needs a wide range of solutions. Nowadays, information is a valuable asset. Business success depends on it; that is why more attention should be paid to this problem.

“There is no doubt that this is an acute issue. In 2015, companies all over the world suffered unprecedented damage amounting to more than 29 billion US dollars. In most cases, companies suffering from leaks are state institutions, trade enterprises, and credit and financial institutions,” he noted. “To make the leak prevention activities effective, one should not only install a DLP system and configure it on a once-only basis, but to treat this work as an important continuous process that constantly requires attention and efforts.”

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