1 FSUE Communication – Security Switches to Electronic Document Processing
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FSUE Communication – Security Switches to Electronic Document Processing

18October 2016


FSUE Communication – Security Switches to Electronic Document Processing

One of the largest security providers FSUE Communication — Security switched to electronic document management. ICL was selected as a contractor for the project following the bid process. This project was the sequel of joint work of the companies to improve the IT infrastructure in order to provide a reliable basis for efficient functioning of business processes.

FSUE (Federal State Unitary Enterprise) Communication — Security is one of the five leaders of the security services market in Russia and it is the Departmental Security of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation. The company provides a wide range of security services and has a developed branch structure, which includes more than 70 branch offices throughout Russia.

Prior to this project, each branch office had its own procedure for processing documents, which significantly complicated exchange of information. The employees regularly faced with a number of problems, namely: insufficient follow-up control, a heavy search and a long time for delivery of documents in paper form. In order to eliminate inefficiencies in working with documents, the company’s management decided to implement electronic document management and create a centralized system of interaction between branches.

Implementation work was carried out by ICL. It is worth noting that ICL and FSUE Communication — Security have extensive experience in joint activities. In particular, the project on updating the computing capacity of the enterprise in a fault-tolerant version has been completed this year. Thus, the implementation of EDMS has become the next step on the way to providing a reliable basis for business development.

The choice of electronic document management system was made in favour of the Russian DocsVision platform, well proven on the example of a number of successful implementations in the government bodies of the Russian Federation and territorially distributed organizations.

The project was implemented in stages. At the initial stage, the processes of registration of incoming and outgoing correspondence, management of organizational and administrative documentation, and the exchange of internal documents both within and between branches were transferred to the electronic form. Next, work was coordinated to agree contracts in electronic form based on DocsVision Contracts application. To this end, ICL experts carried out the appropriate modifications to meet customer requirements.

«Faced with low efficiency of traditional forms of work with documents, the managers of FSUE Communication — Security set before us the task of creating a simple and convenient tool for organizing the document flow process. The main difficulty was that the company has a wide network of branches throughout Russia that are territorially remote from each other,» said Dmitry Marullin, Key Account Manager at ICL. «In this way, we managed to develop a solution that significantly simplifies the processing of documents both inside the branch and between them. It is unique thanks to the fact that it can be easily replicated. Although the project involved the central office and two pilot units in Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan, the resources of the solution allow covering all the remaining branches without sacrificing speed and availability.»

Another important feature of the project is the integration of the EDMS with the customer’s 1C accounting system in the terms of contract management automation: directories are synchronized, and the agreed contracts are automatically transferred from the EDMS to1C.
It is planned to improve the digital signature module further on.

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