1 Great Waters for a Great Team
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Great Waters for a Great Team

18October 2013


Great Waters for a Great Team

Partner conference held annually by Production and Sales Centre at ICL-KME CS for its regional partners, has once more reaffirmed that there is a great demand for the Company’s computer hardware and solutions throughout Russia. Moreover, the conference proved partners’ willingness to collaborate with ICL-KME CS demonstrated by an active expansion of the Company’s partner network.

Taking place in October 4-6 in Kazan, the conference accommodated participants from 20 cities—from Rostov-on-Don to Krasnoyarsk.

This year’s line of computer hardware manufactured by ICL was presented not just on the presentation slides. Partners witnessed the whole computer assembly process directly in the workshop at the new computer manufacturing plant that opened earlier this year in April 2013. Presented were the mobile classrooms, netbooks with swivel screen, all-in-one PCs, servers, and information kiosks, namely the equipment that is being actively promoted by partners in their regions.

An ICL all-in-one touch-screen PC allowed partners to get acquainted with software packages and interactive tutorials that are provided as part of education solutions of the company.

The Microsoft spokesperson Maxim Muchkaev spoke about the benefits of using new Windows 8.1 operating system in the education segment and its possibilities of working on devices with different design features and, particularly, on new generation touch-screen devices. During the site visit, Windows 8.1 OS was successfully installed on the interactive Intel-embedded whiteboard which represented a prospective sample of ICL equipment for the educational sector.

The formal part of the event was followed by the fun and refreshing tree-planting activity. It was yet another opportunity that brought the participants closer together and proved that they are a great team indeed. The joint efforts of ICL staff and partners will show next spring when silver maples and rowan-trees will greet the employees and guests of the plant with their delightful young greenery.

At the evening reception, the companies that have shown excellent sales results during the year were presented with special awards for their contribution to the advancement of ICL equipment and solutions in the regions.

Through various conference activities, the participants could also partake in the discussions of future joint projects, demonstrate their leadership and team-building skills during sporting events, and, of course, enjoy the sights of the beautiful and vibrant city of Kazan.

The conference is over but we will meet again next year!

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