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How Imports Phase-out of IT Equipment Works in Schools and Hospitals in Russia

21June 2021


How Imports Phase-out of IT Equipment Works in Schools and Hospitals in Russia

The government intends to achieve a qualitative change in the level of information technology in the social sphere. Therefore, more than 100 billion rubles were allocated, of which more than 85% goes to the regions to create a single digital environment in healthcare in 2019-2024. The creation of a digital educational environment in schools over the same period will cost 73 billion rubles, of which the regions will receive 86%. Part of this money is used to purchase servers and computers. When purchasing them, customers should give preference to domestic goods included in the Unified Register of Radioelectronic Products of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. CNews have analysed what and under what conditions do regions buy for medical institutions and schools.

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