1 Huawei Names ICL — KME CS as the Best Regional Partner in Russia
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Huawei Names ICL — KME CS as the Best Regional Partner in Russia

20April 2017


Huawei Names ICL — KME CS as the Best Regional Partner in Russia

According to high development indicators of Huawei’s market share in Russia, ICL — KME CS was awarded the status of the Best Regional Partner of Huawei.

At the Partner Conference in Moscow, Huawei summed up the results of the last financial year and awarded its partners. ICL — KME CS was named as the best one in promotion of Huawei products and technologies in Russian regions. Not only high sales performance was taken into account but also availability of many certified employees who have experience and competencies required for working with Huawei solutions.

«Our cooperation with Huawei began immediately after its active start in the Russian market, and during a long period we have been working jointly with Huawei as its Gold Partner. It should be noted that our customers are more and more interested in the technologies of the Chinese company,» says Aidar Guzairov, Deputy General Director for Business Development, ICL — KME CS. «In their segment, Huawei products show the best price-quality ratio, and also enable companies not only to create highly efficient network and server infrastructures but also to increase return on investments made in their computational resources.»

It is to be recalled that Huawei will be one of the key partners of ITSF Conference that will be held by ICL — KME CS in May 24–26 in Kazan. At its exhibition stand in the demonstration zone, Huawei will present the most demanded technologies. The participants will have a chance to personally test them and to ask the representatives of the company all the questions they are interested in.

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