1 Hyper-Converged Data Storage Systems
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Hyper-Converged Data Storage Systems

02February 2016


Hyper-Converged Data Storage Systems

Analysts from IDC calculated that global sales of converged systems for the third quarter of 2015 compared to the same period of the previous year had increased by 6.2%. The experts believe the market growth to be connected with the skyrocketing rise in the hyper-converged systems segment. Specialists from ICL-KMECS, Dell and Nutanix described the key advantages of these systems.

Three companies — ICL-KMECS, Dell and Nutanix — held a joint workshop devoted to the new data processing and storage technologies in Kazan last week. In particular, the participants spoke about hyper-converged systems that are growing in popularity. Their distinguishing feature is that they make it possible to provide all storage and calculation functions within the same server resources.

Dell specialists presented to the workshop participants Dell XC Series 2.0 Nutanix-based hyper-converged solutions. They can be easily scaled and help simplify the DC structure thanks to their capacity which is more than 50% higher and their rack-mount density which is almost two times higher than those in the similar solutions of the previous generation.

Experts also noted that Dell XC solutions delivery terms and conditions include support and maintenance. That means that users have a possibility not only to build a flexible virtualized system that can be easily deployed and scaled, if necessary, but also to save significantly on deployment and maintenance.

“Dell XC Series 2.0 solutions are designed for those who look for a state-of-the-art integrated solution to build IT infrastructures in their organizations. They are suitable for various types of loads including virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), private clouds and big data,” says Mikhail Orlenko, Head of Corporate Solutions Department of Dell in Russia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia. “Wikibon’s analytical studies have shown that, in comparison with the traditional VDI platform, Dell XC Series solutions allow decreasing expenses by 27% and reducing six-fold the payback period.”

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