ICL Computers Robustly Secured by Sobol Hardware and Software Solution

08June 2016


ICL Computers Robustly Secured by Sobol Hardware and Software Solution

ICL has received official acknowledgement that Sobol hardware and software solution is compatible with ICL RAY computers. Following successful testing, Security Code Ltd. issued certificate of compliance.

ICL RAY B161, S254, S264 were tested for compatibility with Sobol hardware and software solution. In the course of the testing, it was confirmed that basic functions outlined in specifications are successfully performed by the solution.

Sobol hardware and software solution is the first HSTLM (Hardware and Software Trusted Loading Module) that has been certified in compliance with new requirements of FSTEC of Russia (Federal Service for Technology and Export Control) released in a statement No. 240/24/405 dated February 6, 2014. It provides personal computer security and creates trusted software environment that enables CIPF (Cryptographic Information Protection Facility) security class upgrade.

This solution can be used as an excellent basis for building ICT infrastructure that meets special requirements to information security including personal data processing.

About Security Code
Security Code Ltd. is the leading vendor of enterprise-class information security and compliance solutions in Russia. The hardware and software products embrace all levels of infrastructure security, from managing network security and building VPN through to deploying state-of-the-art information security systems for virtual environments and mobile platforms.

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