1 ICL Creates Networking Among Developers
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ICL Creates Networking Among Developers

01October 2021


ICL Creates Networking Among Developers

The first Software Development Meetup bringing together development and programming specialists took place at ICL Group’s office on September 23. ICL Soft, Corporate Applications and Development team organized the meetup. The speakers at the event were experts from ICL and invited guests from commercial and state companies of the city—Ak Bars Digital Technologies, Center for Digital Transformation of the Republic of Tatarstan, Neti IT company. Within the framework of the meetup, current trends in development were discussed; real cases from the field of programming, problems of burnout at work, and others were considered.

According to Rinat Khabibullin. the Deputy General Director for Software Development at ICL Soft, the event is aimed at specialists related to application development—analysts, testers, DevOps engineers and project managers, as well as for new employees of the company starting their career in the digital niche.

“This meetup is the opportunity to find new contacts to discuss pressing tasks and exchange practical experience. Professional development of a developer closely relates to teamwork skills and ability to participate in professional communities, so we plan to hold such meetings periodically in the future. We expect that not only ICL employees will be able to become attendees of the development meetups but also representatives of the professional community of the city and region,” says Rinat.

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