1 ICL Group: Uzbekistan Has High Potential for Creating a Resource Hub
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ICL Group: Uzbekistan Has High Potential for Creating a Resource Hub

21April 2022


ICL Group: Uzbekistan Has High Potential for Creating a Resource Hub

Last week ICL Group took part in a sales mission sent to the Republic of Uzbekistan by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Sergey Soloviev, Deputy General Director of ICL Group, visited the Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and IT Park (located in Tashkent) of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The sales mission agenda included meetings and talks with local business communities which were attended by over 100 representatives of local businesses as well as industry associations and trade groups of Uzbekistan (including such industry sectors as finance, transportation, construction, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, agriculture, etc.). Within the framework of the sales mission, ICL Group presented its business potential and capabilities. Scenarios of potential cooperation with its Uzbek partners and counterparts were also discussed in the course of the meetings and negotiations.

“Among many other industry sectors, Uzbekistan has high hopes for successful cooperation in IT sector, in particular. The Republic of Uzbekistan thinks that it’s the key line of business partnership with Russia. Taking into account the favourable investment climate in the republic, growing share of young IT professionals including both local citizens and relocated experts, Uzbekistan has high potential for creating a resource hub for the international IT market. ICL Group thinks highly of Uzbekistan’s IT market because it holds promise for expanding partnership and business ties with local IT companies and deepening cooperation with large local businesses. We hope for further fruitful cooperation,” Sergey Soloviev told about hopeful results of his business trip.

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