1 ICL Group – among 25 Best System Integrators in Russia
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ICL Group – among 25 Best System Integrators in Russia

12April 2021


ICL Group – among 25 Best System Integrators in Russia

CRN analytical group has published the second annual rating of the 25 Best Russian System Integrators for the past year. ICL Group is once again among the leaders, exceeding its financial performance by 15% compared to 2019. According to the company, the revenue of ICL Group in 2020 amounted to 15.2 billion rubles.
Among the main selection criteria in their report, CRN analysts emphasize the ability to build strong relationships with partners and customers and ensure resilience to unforeseen and harsh market conditions. The scale and dynamics of the business, professionalism, good reputation and openness to new technologies were also considered.

"The dynamics of improving the IT market presupposes flexibility, and we are growing, developing and tirelessly offering new and non-standard approaches to the implementation of the most interesting projects," says Viktor Dyachkov, CEO of ICL Group. "We ensure synergies with many major partners to make our customers' business even more successful. After all, services in the field of system integration are essential for large companies, and we are happy to offer them new approaches and innovative solutions."

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