1 ICL Group Develops IIoT Solutions
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ICL Group Develops IIoT Solutions

17May 2018


ICL Group Develops IIoT Solutions

ICL Services, a Russian IT company ranking on the Global Outsourcing 100® list, created an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Research Group. The projects developed by the IIoT Research Group have already been successfully implemented in a number of Russia’s large industrial enterprises.

One of the main factors causing the growth of demand for IIoT solutions in Russia is the continued digitalization of businesses. However, the main obstacle to mass implementation of such solutions is the lack of home grown technologies that would make domestic IIoT solutions cheaper than the foreign ones.

Since 2016, Research Group has been developing ICL Group competencies in IoT ranging from hardware development to building cloud services based on Azure, AWS and home grown back-end solutions. In the course of its work, Research Group focuses on using the most popular IoT protocols (MQTT, AMQP) and alternate database (MongoDB), developing cross-platform solutions and applying DevOps methods.

Ilya Appolonov, Head of IIoT Research Group, ICL Services, reported on the current digital projects implemented by his Group:

“Research Group team is currently working on two projects in the Enterprise IoT field. The first project is focused on developing a microenvironment monitoring system for workspaces. To make working environment more convenient, CO2, humidity and temperature sensors are installed in office space for continuous monitoring. The second project is devoted to solution based on Computer Vision technology. The developed solution automates retail of special age-restricted product groups that are sold at self-checkouts.”

To implement its initiatives in IIoT, ICL Services signed a partnership agreement with Signum, a global vendor of the leading software platform designed for the needs of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Two projects are currently in pilot implementation. The deployed solutions make it possible to implement import substitution policy in the IIoT field.

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