1 ICL Group Directors Nominated for IT Leaders of Russia
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ICL Group Directors Nominated for IT Leaders of Russia

07April 2022


ICL Group Directors Nominated for IT Leaders of Russia

Top 100 IT Leaders ranking list, initially published by Global CIO, a community of IT professionals, is intended to identify the leaders who make significant contributions to the development of IT industry. The list of nominees includes Sergey Soloviev, Deputy General Director of ICL Group, and Ruslan Vagizov, Director of ICL Services International Group.

Among the contestants are general directors, CIOs and other senior managers in charge of digital transformation within their companies. The contestants come from such industry sectors as heavy industry, consumer goods manufacturing (FMCG*), public sector and finance industry, retail, IT, transport and logistics and many others.

The winners will make the Top 100 IT Leaders List based on the voting results (and confirmation of their competencies). Only the registered users with Professional status (this status is assigned to heads of IT and other business departments after their registration on Global CIO portal at globalcio.ru) can vote for IT leader nominees. It’s possible to vote for any number of nominees and to confirm their competencies.

To support representatives of ICL Group, click on respective links for Ruslan Vagizov and Sergey Soloviev. The voting will continue till May 10, 2022.

*FMCG—Fast-Moving Consumer Goods.

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