1 ICL Group inaugurates new factory
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ICL Group inaugurates new factory

14November 2023


ICL Group inaugurates new factory

On November 13, 2023, the company launched one of Russia's largest facilities for surface mounting of electronic printed circuit boards and manufacturing of computing equipment in the Innopolis Special Economic Zone.

On November 13, 2023, ICL Group inaugurated a new factory in the Innopolis Special Economic Zone, located in Tatarstan's Laishevsky District. The factory's initiation will enable ICL Group to establish a full-cycle manufacturing facility and enhance the production of its existing and prospective product range.

The factory, spanning over 8,000 square meters, combines PCB surface mount workshops, computer manufacturing assembly lines, and a novel test lab. The factory's technological capacity will amount to 300,000 motherboards annually, with plans to increase it to 1 million boards per year.

The production of proprietary motherboards will enable the manufacturing of over 200 types of Russian-made computing equipment. The output capacity for finished products such as servers, data storage systems, personal computers, all-in-one PCs, laptops, tablets, and solutions utilizing them is projected at 1 million devices per year. This will enable ICL's partners to offer their clients from various industries equipment and hardware-software complexes that meet the latest standards and are produced in the Russian Federation.

"We observe that one of the priority directions in Tatarstan is the establishment of production facilities in the electronics sector. And today's inauguration of ICL's new manufacturing site is a clear testament to that. Russia's Ministry of Industry and Trade is implementing a comprehensive ecosystem of support measures for radio-electronic enterprises, with unprecedented funding allocated for the industry's development: over 211 billion rubles are set aside for 2024 alone. We expect ICL to progress not only in terms of boosting the production of end devices but also in expanding technological transformations," stated Vasily Shpak, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

"We are delighted to introduce the new ICL factory — our contribution to the advancement of Russia's radio and electronics industry. It signifies a deepening of localization, an enhancement in technological sophistication, and thus, import-independence of the domestic IT industry," stressed Evgeny Stepanov, CEO of ICL Techno.

"The inauguration of the factory in Innopolis SEZ marks a significant event for Russia's radio and electronics industry. Given the pressing need to boost production capacity to ensure technological sovereignty and import substitution in the country, the establishment of such production facilities is a strategic mission. Future productions that will be established in Innopolis SEZ will also contribute to technological sovereignty, creation of high-tech productive jobs, and new transformations in the electronics industry within Tatarstan," noted Roman Shaikhutdinov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan.

"ICL Group's project is one of the most expansive ones in which the Industrial Development Fund participates in the electronics sector: 2 billion rubles of investment, out of which 663 million rubles were provided by the IDF. The new manufacturing facility will cover the group's escalating demand for motherboards for computer equipment. Upon reaching its design capacity, the enterprise will be able to supply boards to other participants of the Russian electronics market, thereby partially substituting imported supplies," remarked Roman Petruta, Director of the Industrial Development Fund.

"The Innopolis Special Economic Zone aids the growth of strategically significant companies by providing manufacturing sites with engineering networks and tax benefits, assisting in personnel recruitment, and offering the necessary financial resources for project implementation. ICL is the first project to be realized and the anchor resident for our Laishevsky site. The mere possibility of constructing a building for ICL and accrediting the entire Laishevo Industrial Park as per federal requirements already entitles us to be the leader of regional investment policy, and allows residents to seek federal and regional government support, including tax preferences and benefits. We aim to continue scaling that model. Moreover, the initiation of the ICL factory aids in the development of engineering infrastructure and the connection of main networks for the entire industrial park. That way, we are not only taking a significant step towards the development of the radio and electronics industry but also laying a robust foundation and a vast potential for the implementation of a series of high-tech facilities, further advancing towards import-independence of the republic and the country," noted Renat Khalimov, General Director of Innopolis SEZ.

The project was executed with the support of the Republic of Tatarstan, represented by Innopolis SEZ, and the Industrial Development Fund of the Russian Federation.

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