1 ICL Group Is Again Among the Best Regional IT Companies in Russia
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ICL Group Is Again Among the Best Regional IT Companies in Russia

08September 2021


ICL Group Is Again Among the Best Regional IT Companies in Russia

CRN/RE published results of the 14th annual ranking 25 Best Regional IT Companies. This time, 317 companies took part in the competition. For the 11th time in a row, ICL Group, a large player in IT market of the Volga Region, made it to the list of 25 Best Regional IT Companies in Russia. ICL Group is a high tech company that provides a wide range of IT services and solutions both to its Russian and global customers.

“At ICL, we are proud of our high-skilled and talented professionals who day-to-day prove our competence in both Russian and global markets. This July, ICL Group celebrated its 30th anniversary. We came a long way from a local start-up with a dozen employees to a leading IT company with extensive knowledge, profound experience and four thousand dedicated professionals,” said Evgeny Stepanov, General Director of ICL-KME CS. “But we always have prospects and room for improvement and we are ready to face these challenges.”

According to CRN analytical group, 2021 ranking included two rounds. In the first round, a special group of candidates was selected. This group chiefly included companies from the ranking lists released in previous years and also second-tier partners named by vendors and distributors. In the second round, the experts evaluated operations and performance results of the selected companies and ranked them by the following criteria: Business Scale, Business Dynamics, Team Expertise, Goodwill and Resilience in Crisis.

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