1 ICL Group Launches a Crisis Management Solution Line
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ICL Group Launches a Crisis Management Solution Line

06April 2022


ICL Group Launches a Crisis Management Solution Line

Relying on its profound experience in both Russian and foreign IT markets, ICL Group developed a crisis support package and a migration plan enabling transition to domestic IT solutions for its customers and partners. The extended product line offered by ICL now includes alternative IT solutions by Russian vendors that can replace information security solutions, IT infrastructure support and business application management solutions developed by foreign vendors.

These domestic products and solutions make it possible to reduce company dependence on foreign software and hardware or entirely eliminate the need for imports. ICL experts will help their customers to integrate new systems into the existing IT infrastructure or will develop a project to meet customer’s business needs. For example, for industrial enterprises ICL offers systems based on 1C solutions to cover their business requirements. Having successfully implemented projects using products and solutions developed by Russian IT companies for over 20 years, ICL can state with complete certainty that IT solutions developed in Russia are not inferior to their foreign equivalents in terms of their functionality. In present-day situation, ICL also suggests that its customers should pay special attention to information security and ensure compliance with requirements of regulatory authorities.

“Throughout its operations, ICL Group has been committed to supporting and developing its customers’ businesses. We continue to pursue this customer commitment policy today by using the whole range of our own in-house developed IT solutions as well as the customized crisis management solutions,” Victor Diachkov, Head of ICL Group, shared his view on the situation.

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