1 ICL Group Launches a Station for Studying IT Professions at KidSpace
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ICL Group Launches a Station for Studying IT Professions at KidSpace

20February 2021


ICL Group Launches a Station for Studying IT Professions at KidSpace

On February 20, within KidSpace Children’s City project, ICL Group launched a station for studying the versatile world of information technologies and major IT specialties for children aged from 6 to 14.

The station will allow the young visitors to get acquainted with the existing IT professions and try on the roles of IT specialists. ICL’s room is equipped with simulators for software handling skills development and a computer assembly line. A kid gets information about the IT world in an engaging form and learns much about creation of applications, about technical support and assembly of new computer models.

So, games developed by ICL in collaboration with KidSpace will help children gain a correct impression of work in IT industry.

“Children of today are enthusiastic, curious and knowledgeable about digital technologies like never before. We hope that thanks to our station each kid will delve into the dynamic world of technologies, discover a lot of new things and, probably, will already now choose IT as the life’s work,” says Sergey Soloviev, the Director of ICL Services. “Having a big experience as a good corporate citizen, we are proud to be able to make contribution to the future of Russia’s younger generation.”

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