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ICL Group Museum Wins a Diploma of the All-Russian “Museum of the 21st Century” Competition

02April 2021


ICL Group Museum Wins a Diploma of the All-Russian “Museum of the 21st Century” Competition

The ICL Group Museum “History of Computers in Kazan” won the first place diploma of the All-Russian “Museum of the 21st Century” Competition. The Museum submitted a unique book of veteran’s memoirs to the competition. The Museum is engaged in popularization of science, it takes part in conferences, publishes books and serves as a social center for labor veterans of KME CS, among whom there are also veterans of the World War II.

The Museum traces its history back to 1982. Its primary focus lies in study and popularization of Russia’s IT development history through the example of Kazan Manufacturing Enterprise of Computer Systems (KME CS), the flagship of computer engineering in the USSR.

“For us, the Museum is an indispensable social center. Here, we share our life stories and contribute to the development of the Museum’s publishing activities. Among the last projects, we have the book ‘Winners, We are Proud of You!’ that was published on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Victory in World War II. It is dedicated to memoirs of KME CS and ICL Group veterans about their family members who fought in the World War II or who were home front workers,” says Margarita Badrutdinova, the author of the book and the director of the Museum.

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