ICL Group on the Map of Russian Information Security Market

16May 2021


ICL Group on the Map of Russian Information Security Market

TAdviser analytical center presents the first map of the Russian information security market that demonstrates Russian IS solution developers and service providers. ICL Group solutions are included in 4 categories.

All in all, over 200 Russian solution developers and service providers engaged in IT security business as of 2021 are pinpointed on this map. When the map was drafted, all IT security solutions were sorted into 41 categories and included into 4 main groups: IT Infrastructure Security; Monitoring, Research and Analysis; Data Security; and IT Services.

Solutions developed by ICL Group were singled out and included in the following 4 categories: Protection of Critical IT Infrastructure Facilities, Information Security Integrators, Information Security Services, and Security Monitoring and Incident Response Center.

To study the whole map, go to TAdviser website.

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