1 ICL Group Ranks Among the Most Successful Russian Suppliers
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ICL Group Ranks Among the Most Successful Russian Suppliers

21July 2017


ICL Group Ranks Among the Most Successful Russian Suppliers

Following the 2016 results, ICL Group has been recognized as one of the most successful suppliers in Russia. The ranking of the Top 1000 Successful Suppliers was prepared and released by B2B-Center, the leading electronic marketplace in Russia for purchases and sales in the business-to-business (b2b) segment. ICL Group was awardeda special certificate and a distinguishing mark «Successful Supplier».
B2B-Center has compiled the ranking of Top 1000 Successful Suppliers for the third year in a row. This ranking is based on objective data provided by the E-marketplace that demonstrate company’s contribution to promotion of competition in the Russian market, its efficiency in the bidding process and confirm customer confidence.
The ranking includes the suppliers that showed the best results in bidding at E marketplace and demonstrated high performance ratio — a proportion of a number of winning bids to the total number of bidding processes the supplier participated in. 310,000 companies registered at B2B-Center participated in the survey. Among the Top 1000 Successful Suppliers are small businesses and large enterprises from the main economy sectors including ICL — KME CS JSC.

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