1 ICL Group Ranks Among Top IT Suppliers in Retail
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ICL Group Ranks Among Top IT Suppliers in Retail

05June 2019


ICL Group Ranks Among Top IT Suppliers in Retail

According to research carried out by CNews Analytics, ICL Group now ranks 13th in the ranking of Top IT Suppliers in the Retail Industry in Russia. Totally, in 2018 the revenue of 20 top IT suppliers in retail increased by 8.8%.

In 2018, ICL Group’s overall revenues from retail projects increased by 54.5% compared with 2017 and amounted to 1,132,691 thousand RUB (VAT incl.).

Retail is one of the most advanced high-technology industries in Russian economy and is second only to banking in pace of innovation. Building one’s own competencies in IT solutions development and implementation is among the emerging trends of the industry development. Experts attribute decline in IT suppliers’ revenue growth this year to the abovementioned trend. In retail, Microservice architecture, Agile and DevOps turned out to be highly demanded as nowhere else, and large retail chains as well as on-line retailers gradually transform into IT companies, providing full scale services based on state-of-the-art technologies. Still, even in this context, ICL Group managed to show significant growth in the retail solutions segment.

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