ICL Group Takes Part in 8th International Specialized Exhibition AKTO 2016

18August 2016


ICL Group Takes Part in 8th International Specialized Exhibition AKTO 2016

8th International Specialized Exhibition AKTO 2016 — Aerospace Technologies, Advanced Materials and Equipment — took place in Kazan, in the premises of the Exhibition Center «Kazan Fair», on August 10-12, 2016. Among the participants were more than 120 companies from Russia, Belarus, Latvia and Luxembourg, as well as representations of companies from Germany and the USA specializing in development, manufacturing and operation of aviation and space equipment.

At the Exhibition, ICL Group presented a total solution for Total Product Lifecycle Management based on the 1С:Enterprise 8.3 protected platform integrated with ERP systems, using end-to-end process automation for military-industrial complex enterprises and governmental agencies.

At the Exhibition’s opening day, negotiations on cooperation between the representatives of the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization «Academy of Management», namely Yuri Klochkov, the President of the Academy, Yuri Petrushin, Igor Medvedev, and Victor Diachkov, the General Director of ICL Group, were held. They were aimed at conclusion of an agreement on partnership and cooperation in promotion of up-to-date management methods based on integration of tools and methods of lean production and information technologies, including ERP systems. Information about the formal signature of the agreement, its term, subject and purposes will be provided later.

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