1 ICL – KME CS and Management Academy to Promote Modern Management Methods
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ICL – KME CS and Management Academy to Promote Modern Management Methods

12October 2016


ICL – KME CS and Management Academy to Promote Modern Management Methods

ICL — KME CS and autonomous non-commercial organization (ANO) Management Academy signed an agreement on partnership and cooperation in promoting modern management methods that integrate lean manufacturing methods and tools with IT solutions, in particular with ERP systems. The document was signed by Victor Diachkov, General Director, ICL — KME CS, and Yury Klochkov, President of ANO Management Academy.

Pursuant to the signed agreement, the parties will establish partner relations to promote the concept of efficient production management. To tackle challenges in shared areas of expertise, interim project teams will be established bringing together knowledge and skills of different experts (analysts, designers, developers, lawyers, economists, etc.). The parties expect that their cooperation will result in improved efficiency of the offered solutions due to synergistic effect of integrating lean manufacturing methods and tools with IT solutions.

There are significant differences between the concepts of ERP and lean management. These approaches have different priorities, however they can be successfully combined. Furthermore, integrating lean management principles with ERP concept can lead to high operating efficiency.

Joint project activities include examination of the customer’s enterprises on «as is» basis. At this stage, project team will examine the existing processes and their level of automation. The next step envisions designing target model of the future IT system on the basis of the document that includes customer’s view on process optimization and automation. Transition from «as is» system to the target system must comply with lean manufacturing requirements and principles.

ANO Management Academy
ANO Management Academy is autonomous non-commercial organization that has a perpetual license to perform educational activities and employs certified staff with extensive practical work experience in manufacturing and service industries. With facilities, equipment and other necessary resources in its possession, Management Academy applies innovative technologies and solutions that make it possible to transfer to industrial enterprises and companies knowledge and skills necessary to master the approaches that change management paradigm and reliably improve key business indicators.

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