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ICL-KME CS Participates in Intel’s 4th International Conference on 21st Century Teaching and Learning

16December 2011


ICL-KME CS Participates in Intel’s 4th International Conference on 21st Century Teaching and Learning

Intel’s 4th anniversary international conference on 21st Century Teaching and Learning took place in Moscow, 9th December. The conference gathered the participants of Intel education programs such as Teach to the Future, Skills for Success, Intel Education Galaxy, and representatives of education organizations from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Belarus.

ICL-KME CS was recognized for the «partnership, effective cooperation, and joint initiatives on integration of latest ICT into teaching and learning within the Intel Education Galaxy project».

At the workshop given to the conference participants, Luiza Plotnikova, consultant from SMART Technologies, gave a master class on ‘The World Around Us’ lesson using interactive hardware (RAYbook Bi149) from ICL-KME CS, which was a great success.

Yakov Ostanin, Intel Program Coordinator, gave special thanks to ICL-KME CS for organizing this interactive class. «People were so enthused about the possibility of simply touching the teaching and learning technology of tomorrow,» he said.

‘Education Beyond the Classroom’ contest received much attention from the teachers. The contest was aimed at focusing on the development of non-traditional, mobile teaching and learning methods. ICL-KME CS, which was a contest partner, established its nominations with special prizes—2nd Gen Intel Core i3-based laptops. The prizes will be awarded to three winners of the contest: Alexander Parshev (Severodvinsk) for the project ‘Portable Lab of Microelectronics Based on Arduino’, Taliya Faizullina (Apastovo, Tatarstan) for the project ‘Statistics from Our Life’, and Yekaterina Galiyeva (Frolovo, Volgograd Region) for role-playing project ‘Noosphere’.

Two Russia’s best tutors of Intel Teach program also accepted awards from ICL-KME CS—RAYbook Si131 netbooks produced by the company.

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