1 ICL-KME CS Took Part in the 15th Specialized Exhibition «Communication. InfoCom — 2010»
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ICL-KME CS Took Part in the 15th Specialized Exhibition «Communication. InfoCom — 2010»

01March 2010


ICL-KME CS Took Part in the 15th Specialized Exhibition «Communication. InfoCom — 2010»

ICL-KME CS took part in the 15th specialized exhibition «Communication. InfoCom — 2010» held in Ufa on 16–18 February under the auspices of government of Bashkortostan Republic. The BashEXPO Exhibition centre traditionally hosted the event.

As part of the exposition, ICL-KME CS experts held presentations of information security solutions and enterprise management solutions.

In the course of presentation of information security solutions, the exhibition attendees had an opportunity to learn about identity management solutions and single identity verification system based on Oracle products that make it possible to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of user identities across all enterprise resources both within and beyond the firewall thus enhancing IT system security and lowering operational costs.

The attendees showed particular interest in secure Internet access solution developed by ICL-KME CS experts on the basis of terminal access that ensures data privacy and eliminates the possibility of unauthorized intrusion of user workstation.

Within the framework of business solutions’ presentation, ICL-KME CS experts shared their experience in building automated manufacturing enterprise management systems based on «1C: Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise Management» and touched upon the issues of finance management and support of managerial decision-making, design engineer’s and production engineer’s workstations automation and showcased solutions for service and entertainment businesses automation.

The 15th specialized exhibition «Communication. InfoCom — 2010»
Exposition of ICL-KME CS aroused great interest among attendees of a specialized exhibition «Communication. InfoCom — 2010» because it touched upon the most urgent issues top managers are currently facing. All attendees were provided with an opportunity to be personally consulted by highly experienced ICL-KME CS experts and to learn about the most important projects implemented by ICL-KME CS at enterprises of different scale and in different industry sectors that include the largest financial institutions of the Russian Federation, a regular customer JSC Gazprom and its subsidiaries as well as industrial enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses.
«Nowadays special attention is paid to the issues of IT system security and secure Internet access within the enterprise,» said Aidar Guzairov, Director of System Technologies Business Centre, ICL-KME CS. «Internet is a source of computer viruses and malicious code that can cause data loss or important data corruption. Every now and then many large companies suffer from online attacks and incur financial losses due to information and confidential data leakage. Secure Internet access system developed and successfully implemented by our experts makes it possible to provide maximum data protection and to avoid problems associated with sensitive data leakage.»
«Implementation of ‘1C: Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise Management’ enables employees of an enterprise to work in a single information environment with properly aligned business processes. Most of the visitors at our exhibition stand took special interest in creating a single information space,» said Galina Karikh, Director of Finance Systems Business Centre, ICL-KME CS. «It is not surprising though since today all enterprises face the same problems—troublesome data exchange between business units due to incompatible business systems used and lack of cooperation regulations. That is why when building business management systems we always start with IT audit and business process alignment. Such an approach renders it possible to initially establish rules of play for all customer’s business units and users involved in business system operations and to ensure creation of a single information space within the environment of ‘1C: Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise Management’.»

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