ICL Services Automates Cloud Services Provision Processes in ICL Cloud

28September 2017


ICL Services Automates Cloud Services Provision Processes in ICL Cloud

ICL Services has integrated BillManager billing software by ISPsystem to automate cloud services provision in ICL Cloud. Now tenants of ICL Cloud infrastructure (IaaS) can independently register, order and pay for the services from the catalog, refill account, create financial documents (bills, acts) and communicate with service desk from their Personal Profile.

«Integration of ICL Cloud billing with VMware vCloud platform allows our clients to quickly get virtual resources, not spending a lot of time on preparation of an agreement with appendices, bills, acts and other legally important documentation. Also, Personal Profile saves all history of changes in services, orders and payments. This is really convenient!» says development manager for ICL Cloud platform, Alexey Shipov.

Apart from virtual server or data center, you can use your Personal Profile to order additional IaaS services, such as rent software by Microsoft, VMware, Red Hat, Veeam, Oracle, rent dedicated communication channel, get external IP address and virtual server backup.

List of services is constantly expanding. In order to get test access to ICL Cloud services, it is necessary to register or send a request to an email: pr@icl-services.com.

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