1 ICL Services Launches a Longread Devoted to Service Desk
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ICL Services Launches a Longread Devoted to Service Desk

22December 2017


ICL Services Launches a Longread Devoted to Service Desk

Russian provider of IT services—ICL Services—developed a unique reference book based on the platform provided by the General Director online magazine. This project will tell you how your own or outsourced single window service will help you correctly use Service Desk that is your key asset.

“For the convenience of the readers, we aggregated the most useful content in a single narrative,”said Lenar Rakhmatullin, the Head of Service Desk at ICL Services, after launching this media project. “As a result, we have created a mobile directory that includes use cases, a question-and-answer section, and relevant articles; it also provides an opportunity to ask your question to IT experts.”

A collection of unique articles will help understand why reducing the company’s costs for IT services becomes a strategically important business task, how to effectively organize the work of the IT Department, which of the round-the-clock work schedules is suitable for your business, and how to motivate Call Center employees.

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