1 ICL System Technologies Announces Its New Rostelecom-Solar Partner Status
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ICL System Technologies Announces Its New Rostelecom-Solar Partner Status

15November 2018


ICL System Technologies Announces Its New Rostelecom-Solar Partner Status

ICL System Technologies is awarded the Professional status for Solar Dozor and Solar inCode products. Rostelecom-Solar’s solutions will be added to ICL System Technologies’ portfolio of products and services for provision of all-round information security to its customers.

“Information security is one of the most intractable aspects of business. For a company, security leakages result in financial and reputational losses. Solar Dozor, a DLP system, makes it possible to comprehensively estimate a company’s vulnerability to insider threats and take timely action to prevent leakage. Solar inCode, a code analyzer, enables one, before the software is released, to detect and repair vulnerabilities and undocumented features that can be used by an intruder,” said Ivan Shamshurov, Head of Information Security, ICL System Technologies.

Solar Dozor, as opposed to rival DLP systems, detects not only information leakage but also abnormal behaviour of employees thus preventing incidents. Solar inCode is able to test applications, find errors and vulnerabilities even with no access to the source code. The solution is easily integrated into SDL (security development lifecycle) and supports the majority of programming languages, the whole way from the most popular ones to the niche ones.

“Among the customers of ICL System Technologies are governmental and financial organizations, manufacturing enterprises and other big companies having need of increased information protection. We are sure that our solutions will help to provide that level of protection,” said Sergey Mishin, Head of Partner Relations, Rostelecom-Solar.

About ICL System Technologies LLC

ICL System Technologies LLC is a Russian company implementing integrated projects in digital technology, cybersecurity and system integration. Founded as a member of ICL Group in 2015, it is a successor to 27 years of project experience and expertise of ICL—KME CS. To counter cyberattacks and build information security monitoring, it operates Security Operation Center (SOС) and ICS Information Security Competence Center. The company is a resident of the Innopolis special economic zone (SEZ). Headquartered in Kazan, ICL System Technologies has its representation offices in Moscow and Krasnodar. It is a regional partner to more than 60 vendors.

About Rostelecom-Solar

Rostelecom-Solar, a Rostelecom PJSC subsidiary, is a nationwide provider of services and technologies for information asset protection, targeted monitoring, and cybersecurity management. Rostelecom-Solar believes that true information security can only be achieved through continuous monitoring and easy management of cybersecurity systems, and implements this principle in its products and services.

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