1 ICL System Technologies Is a Platinum Partner of Palo Alto Networks
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ICL System Technologies Is a Platinum Partner of Palo Alto Networks

12March 2019


ICL System Technologies Is a Platinum Partner of Palo Alto Networks

ICL System Technologies is now a NextWave Platinum Partner of Palo Alto Networks. The partner status was changed within the framework of NextWave Channel Partner Program restructuring by Palo Alto Networks.

“We are proud to announce that Palo Alto Networks upgraded our partner status to NextWave Platinum Partner,” said Yury Butuzov, Head of Information Security Department at ICL System Technologies. “This achievement supports our mission to provide our customers with access to cutting edge technologies in information security.”

“As the cybersecurity industry evolves, our NextWave partners play a vital role in helping our mutual customers implement the products they need to prevent successful cyberattacks,” said Karl Soderlund, Senior Vice President Worldwide Channels, Palo Alto Networks.

NextWave Channel Partner Program offers benefits to partners enabling them to successfully use Palo Alto Networks solutions. Within the framework of this Program, partners’ operations and achievements are frequently monitored and assessed annually.

About Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is the global cybersecurity leader and a developer of next generation firewalls. Total visualization and monitoring across all applications as well as online content inspection by user and not by IP address or IP port delivered with up to 200Gbps throughput without loss of efficiency is the main advantage of PA-7080 Series Firewall among competing solutions.

Palo Alto Networks and Palo Alto Networks logo are trademarks of Palo Alto Networks, Inc. in the United States and other jurisdictions worldwide. All other trademarks, trade names or service marks used or mentioned herein belong to their correspondent owners.

About ICL System Technologies

Incorporated in ICL Group, ICL System Technologies is a Russian company implementing integrated projects in digital technology, cybersecurity and system integration. It operates Security Operation Center (SOС), a security monitoring and incident response center, and ICS Information Security Competence Center.

ICL System Technologies is a resident of the Innopolis special economic zone (SEZ). Headquartered in Kazan, the company is a regional partner to more than 60 IT vendors.

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