1 ICL Takes Part in Robotic Festival “Robofest-Privlozhye”
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ICL Takes Part in Robotic Festival “Robofest-Privlozhye”

04March 2016


ICL Takes Part in Robotic Festival “Robofest-Privlozhye”

ICL Production and Commerce Centre acted as an organizer and partner of the district robotic festival «Robofest-Privlozhye» which took place in Samara on February 19, 2016.

At the Festival, 226 teams of high school and university students from Volga Federal District (Samara Region, Volgograd Region, Orenburg Region, the Republic of Tatarstan, the Republic of Udmurtia, and the Republic of Mordovia) demonstrated their capabilities in solving complicated engineering problems and in scientific and technical creativity.
The competitions were held in 17 nominated categories in different age categories: Hello, Robot (Start, Profi), Freestyle, Jr.FLL, FLL, Sumo Arduino, and Trajectory Arduino. 39 teams became the winners, and in April, the best of them will take part in All-Russia Robofest in Moscow, as part of the select team.

ICL’s exposition where LEGO educational sets for lessons in elementary and secondary schools and for robotics classes were presented arose the participants’ and the guests’ vivid interest. The sets were LEGO Education WeDo, LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3, and Renewable Energy Add-on Sets.

Using new models of ICL-made laptops and tablets, ICL specialists showed how to work with the sets. The laptops and tablets fully meet the requirements of LEGO Education mobile applications both to hardware and to operating system.
The Festival was a dramatic event that demonstrated schoolchildren’s tremendous creative potential and their interest in robotics and programming as well as active support of robotics development by both educational institutions and the government.

About ICL
ICL offers total solutions to equip classrooms for robotics, physics, mathematics, English. The solutions include basic and resource LEGO Education sets, software, sets of educational materials and tasks, additional thematic sets and sensors, a zone for testing of robots and storage systems.
Since 2014 ICL has become an official distributor of LEGO Education in Russia and a partner of World Robot Olympiad (WRO).

About Robofest
Robofest is the Europe’s biggest festival and one of the World’s biggest ones. Every year it gathers the best participants of scientific and technical creativity aged from 6 to 30 who present their unique developments.
Information about official partners is available at the website: www.r2d2fest.ru/WRO_2016/about/organizatory/.

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