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Implementing Import Substitution Policy: ICL Computers with Astra Linux Special Edition OS

13February 2018


Implementing Import Substitution Policy: ICL Computers with Astra Linux Special Edition OS

ICL Techno received a formal confirmation acknowledging that a special purpose operating system Astra Linux Special Edition RUSB.10015-01 (Smolensk release ver. 1.5) is fully compatible with ICL RAY computers. Following successful completion of compatibility tests, RusBITekh-Astra JSC issued certificates of conformance. The companies also entered into a partnership agreement. Starting from January 2018, ICL Techno is an OEM partner of RusBITekh-Astra.

In the course of testing of ICL BasicRAY computers, RAYbook Si157 and RAYbook Bi1102 laptops, ICL All-in-Ones, ICL teamRAY 2042-1U servers and ThinRAY thin clients for their compatibility with Astra Linux Special Edition OS, it was confirmed that ICL computer hardware meets OS installation requirements in full and that OS runs smoothly on all devices.

Astra Linux Special Edition OS is the only Russian operating system certified in accordance with new requirements of FSTEC of Russia that is used to protect information classified as state secret as well as other sensitive data when processed in IT systems and automated management systems.

Smolensk release of Astra Linux Special Edition OS is designed to run on computer equipment furnished with х86-64 processors.

Astra Linux Special Edition OS is an efficient solution for building ICT infrastructure that meets special requirements to information security including data protection during personal data processing. It can be successfully used as a part of the import substitution policy intended to replace foreign imports with domestic software products in Russia.

NPO RusBITekh-Astra JSC is engaged in licensed development, production and implementation of IT and automated management systems, decision support systems, general purpose software, development of information security tools and telecommunication tools as well as next generation integrated simulation systems. For more information, go to www.astralinux.ru.

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