1 In Moscow, ICL Group and Huawei had a press breakfast
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In Moscow, ICL Group and Huawei had a press breakfast

06December 2021


In Moscow, ICL Group and Huawei had a press breakfast

ICL Group took part in the panel discussion within a press breakfast held by Huawei dedicated to the results of Huawei Certified ICT Expert, Wireless Local Area Network (HCIE WLAN) training program and to discussion of market development trends and prospects as well as to the exchange of project implementation experience.

At the press breakfast, representatives of Huawei shared their impressions and achievements gained within HCIE WLAN training and certification process. At the end of the training course, experts from ICL Group were the first ones in Russia to have passed the final exam thus acknowledging that they possess HCIE WLAN competencies at an expert level.

ICL and Huawei have been successfully cooperating since 2014. During this period the partners have held dozens of events within promotion of Huawei’s products and solutions as well as joint projects, commissioning of Wi-Fi at stadiums of the 2018 FIFA World Cup among them.

During seven years of cooperation, ICL obtained Huawei certificates in three various areas: enterprise networks, IT, power supply technology. Being a five star service partner of Huawei, in September 2021 ICL Group also obtained the status of Huawei Enterprise Gold Partner and one of the leading global product and solutions vendors in information and communication technologies.

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