1 In the Rank of One of the Most Progressive Enterprises in the Country: ICL—30 Years
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In the Rank of One of the Most Progressive Enterprises in the Country: ICL—30 Years

02July 2021


In the Rank of One of the Most Progressive Enterprises in the Country: ICL—30 Years

For 30 years, the Company has come a long professional way, standing in line with the leading players in the global IT market.

Three-decade company transformation in numbers

Since its creation in 1991, ICL has created thousands of jobs, strengthened relations with the key business partner—Fujitsu, implemented hundreds of projects with global vendors, opened several subsidiaries and earned credibility from eminent customers. Over three decades, the group of companies has grown to four thousand people, having established offices in 7 cities of Russia and abroad (Belgrade, Serbia), serving customers around the world. The revenue of ICL Group in 2020 amounted to more than 15 billion rubles, which 15% exceeds the volume of 2019. The Group is not only constantly included in the top 100 best outsourcing companies in the world, but is also the first among Russian manufacturers of IT equipment (according to the RAEX agency), one of the best 25 regional IT companies and the largest system integrators in Russia according to CRN. ICL Group is  included in the list of systemically important enterprises in the country, it is the winner of the priority project of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation “National Champions”, and the Company’s products are included in the registries of domestic software and equipment of the Ministry of Digital Development and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

Planning is the basis of success

The achievements are based on a successful strategy—qualitative growth in the segments of retail, logistics, banking and industry. ICL Group improves its business architecture, forming a cluster management principle that provides the Group with a competitive position in the IT market.

Today, ICL Group is actively developing both in the Russian and international markets. Including in Japan, Southeast Asia and South America, both working with business partners with whom the Group has a long relationship, and forming new partnership ecosystems.

“We are confident that we have defined the right development strategy for ourselves. We will continue to keep a finger on the pulse, tracking the trends of the technology industry, and work even harder,” says Victor Diachkov.

“30 years is the age of heyday,” said Victor Diachkov, Head of ICL Group. “We meet it in the rank of one of the most progressive enterprises of the country. Over the years, we had various experiences, but the challenges only hardened our character, taught us flexibility and mobility, and success showed our true capabilities. I want to thank our entire team for their hard work, dedication and professionalism. Thanks to you, we can set ambitious goals and achieve them, making our customers’ business more efficient and technological.”

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