1 Industrial Cybersecurity Issues at IT & Security Forum
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Industrial Cybersecurity Issues at IT & Security Forum

10May 2016


Industrial Cybersecurity Issues at IT & Security Forum

Over the last few years, the world has been experiencing a spate of cyberattacks against Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Experts from Kaspersky Lab have calculated that already 35 per cent of incidents connected with problems in industrial networks are caused by cyberattacks today. That is why industrial cybersecurity issues become more and more acute. We invited representatives of the leading manufacturers of information security products to discuss modern security mechanisms for protection of enterprises from cyber threats within IT & Security Forum.

10th Anniversary IT & Security Forum will take place in May 26–27 in Kazan. Within the framework of this conference, a special section will be dedicated to ICS cybersecurity issues for representatives of the leading manufacturing enterprises.

Representatives of Check Point, Kaspersky Lab and Positive Technologies, the leaders in information security, will take part in the section.

In the words of Ivan Chernyshenko, an expert from Check Point, tightening of legislation in the field of ICS is one of the factors making domestic companies think about the security of their mission critical assets. ICS-CERT (The Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team, USA) gives unfavourable statistics. 245 big incidents were recorded in 2014, and in 2015, ICS-CERT obtained information about 295 incidents. The biggest of them were the attack on a metallurgical plant in Germany and the attack on Prikarpatyeoblenergo, a Ukrainian energy company. In the former case, a blast furnace was destroyed, and the total damage was estimated at US$ 20 mln. In the latter one, hundreds of thousands of people in Western Ukraine were left without electric power during more than 6 hours.

In his speech at ITSF, Ivan Chernyshenko will tell the participants about the main principles of creating an effective security system for ICS from Check Point’s point of view. First of all, they include inter-segment traffic mediation, ensuring secure interaction between the network perimeters of a ‘managing company’, ‘ICS hardware management network’ and, actually, ‘critical infrastructure’. Of no less importance is protection from virus propagation provided by anti-bot software designed to detect bot-infected hosts and prevent damage by blocking bot communication to C&C sites. The expert is also going to tackle the subject of control and logging of operator’s activities. There exist specific technologies for disassembling ICS traffic down to the command level. Due to many factors which should be taken into consideration, the problem requires a complete solution.

Experts from ICL—KMECS and Kaspersky Lab will present the results of practical collaboration. They will share their experience in project implementation at one of the largest refineries in the Republic. Alexey Lukatsky, a resident expert of the Forum, will also speak to the participants. He will tell them about the prospects of creating information security systems based on open source software.

The detailed program of the Forum (including that of the ICS CyberSecurity section) will soon be published in the website of the event (http://www.itsecurityforum.ru/). Please stay tuned.

The partners of the Anniversary Forum are Dell, Check Point, NetApp, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, VMware, EMC, Positive Technologies, Tufin, Huawei, Unify, Forcepoint, Kaspersky Lab, Veritas, Intel Security, Gemalto, TESSIS, Gazinformservis, Brocade, APC by Schneider Electric, and Gazproektengineering.

Its media partners are RUBEZH Magazine, 12news, Astera, BISA, BISjournal, CNews, CRN, DailyComm, Expozilla, GlobalCIO, NBJ, PC Magazine, SecurityLab, Tadviser, The Analytical Banking Magazine, Bankir.Ru, Bankovskoe Obozrenie (Banking Review), Business Online, TASS News Agency, dv.land, IKS-MEDIA, Intellectual Bank, Realnoe Vremya (Real Time), Tatcenter, and Expert Tatarstan.

“According to the research of our colleagues from Kaspersky Lab, more than a half of intruder attacks are aimed at enterprises of fuel and energy complex. A successful attack can leave a whole city or even a region without electric power,” says Ilya Petrov, an information security expert from ICL–KMECS. “ICL Group is active in industrial cybersecurity. In late May, the company will open its own ICS CyberSecurity competence center on premise in Innopolis SEZ. This Center will provide comprehensive services in ICS cybersecurity."

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