1 Information Security 2016: Proactive Steps
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Information Security 2016: Proactive Steps

24March 2016


Information Security 2016: Proactive Steps

According to research conducted by Check Point, the amount of cyberattacks targeting corporate networks increased by 17% in December 2015. Compared to November, the number of active malware families increased by 25%. Check Point experts insist that this year businesses should make cybersecurity their priority. Cyber threat prevention became the focal point of the workshop held by ICL-KME CS, Check Point and VMware.

Three companies — ICL-KME CS, Check Point and VMware — held a joint workshop in Samara with a focus on practical aspects of building IS and network security systems and their operation.

Check Point experts demonstrated new 15000 and 23000 Series network security appliances. At the end of January, Check Point announced the renewal of its turnkey security solutions — Next Generation Firewall. New Check Point security gates are built as a flexible solution with wide hardware extension capabilities designed to meet all needs of present-day corporate networks. They enable system administrators to gain advantage over the intruders launching complicated attacks and using adaptable strategy to achieve their goals.

Another issue discussed at the workshop was protection of software-defined data centers.

Check Point is a gold partner of 10th anniversary IT & Security Forum to be held in late May in Kazan. Within the framework of the Forum, Check Point will demonstrate its most popular IS solutions.

“The majority of present-day security systems focus merely on protection of the network perimeter. However, in reality, insider threat can be a frequent cause of information security breach,” says Dmitry Kudra, Check Point expert. “Our cooperation with VMware enabled us to build a conceptually new solution based on integration of Check Point vSEC Virtual Edition with VMware NSX. It gives users advanced protection of east-west as well as north-south data center traffic so that they can work safely without fear of data breach or data loss.” 

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