1 Innovative Approach to Data Storage
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Innovative Approach to Data Storage

01February 2016


Innovative Approach to Data Storage

Can the cost of 1 GB of flash storage array capacity be equal to the cost of a conventional hard disk, taking into account the fact that the performance of the flash array is almost 24 times higher than the performance of a conventional hard disk drive system? Experts from ICL-KMECS and Dell presented new Dell technologies enabling the users to obtain a high-performance data storage system and, at the same time, to reduce the cost of data storage.
An ITSF workshop, the first one this year, took place in Ufa on January 26. The event was dedicated to the issues of performance, efficiency and scalability improvement of data storage systems that can be achieved using Dell technologies.
Experts from Dell set forth the principles of new data storage economics. Special attention was paid to Dell Storage SC, a recently marketed in Russia line of arrays that uses drives based on TLC 3D NAND, triple-level cell memory. Using TLC drives in data storage systems with multilevel storage along with smart data migration between drives of different types allowed Dell All-Flash systems to reduce the cost of a gigabyte of space down to the level of a gigabyte of 15K hard disks.
SC9000, one of the most powerful Dell data storage systems, was presented to the workshop participants. It is remarkable for its ability to fulfill over 360 thousand input/output operations per second, due to which the response time does not exceed 1 ms.

“During the last few years Dell has been making focused efforts to optimize and improve data storage systems. In 2013, Dell hybrid arrays with a unique system of smart data distribution have been very popular in the market, their cost being commensurate with that of conventional hard disks. But we have gone to even greater lengths: now arrays entirely based on flash drives are similarly budget friendly,” comments Mikhail Orlenko, Head of Corporate Solutions Department of Dell in Russia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia.  “The majority of these devices are designed on the principle of combination of two flash memory types. We find these storage systems especially promising. When used, they provide high-speed operation of the system, long life of the memory, and its low cost.”

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