20March 2017



According to Veeam Availability Report 2016, companies annually lose up to USD 16 mln due to service downtime and limited data availability in addition to loss of customer confidence and brand credibility. HPE and Veeam experts told about successful strategies to ensure continuous data availability and the benefits of the integrated approach undertaken by HPE and Veeam.

ICL — KME CS, HPE and Veeam held a joint workshop in Kazan, which was dedicated to data backup, availability and monitoring issues.

According to Pavel Kosarev, Veeam Technical Expert in Russia and CIS, Always-On enterprise concept expands globally and ensures availability of all data and applications 24.7.365. Veeam expert unveiled Veeam Backup & Replication, a solution that ensures such high data availability ratios. Comparing to other standard backup systems that restore data within several hours or even days, Veeam Backup & Replication makes it possible to restore data within 15 minutes (for all applications and data).

Apart from that, the workshop experts drew participants’ attention to the possibilities of integrating Veeam solutions and HPE storage systems used as primary or backup storage, HPE 3PAR, StoreVirtual and StoreOnce among them.

«Backup process can take sufficiently long time, which compromises the effective performance of services and applications. Most often, such situations arise because of the high level of waste of the virtualization platform hardware and the insufficient level of integration of data storage and backup solutions. That is why HPE and Veeam decided to join efforts to make the process of integration of their solutions faster and easier,» says Pavel Kosarev. «By using Veeam technology together with HPE 3PAR StoreServ, StoreVirtual and StoreOnce, users can save time, minimize business process downtime, and significantly reduce capital and operating costs.»

At the workshop, Ildar Khabibullin, an expert from ICL — KME CS, presented an actual project for upgrading the infrastructure of two data centers ensuring disaster recovery on the mutual basis using Veeam solutions for one of the major oil refineries. In conclusion, he noted that during the project the customer came through the incident, switched from one data center to another without loss of data several times, thus laying the foundation for enhancing functionality of the infrastructure and improving the availability of IT services.

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