1 New IBM Technologies Presented in Kazan
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New IBM Technologies Presented in Kazan

14October 2009


New IBM Technologies Presented in Kazan

ICL-KME CS together with IBM held a presentation of IBM technologies used to build dynamic infrastructures on October 8th, at Grand Hotel Kazan.

The guests invited to the presentation included IT executives and experts, representatives of the state and commercial entities of the Republic of Tatarstan.

‘The New Power Equation’ is an IBM technology that makes it possible to build high performance and reliable data centers of any scale based on Power Systems family of servers. The first part of the presentation of a new IBM technology was devoted to IBM Power Systems advantages the main one of which is a verified Power server resiliency achieved owing to a totally integrated approach to the server design and development. Apart from exceptional performance, scalability and reliability provided by the Power Systems, the application of this brand new technology allows the enterprise to achieve the most efficient utilization of its IT assets. Businesses migrate to the latest generation of Power Systems in order to reduce overall infrastructure costs due to serviceability and innovative reliability of new servers.

IBM PowerVM virtualization technologies and unique energy saving capabilities make it possible to design data centers with a view to get the most of IT assets and to increase the capacity of the existing system on an as needed basis while keeping most important applications continuously available.

During the second part of the presentation IBM experts demonstrated operations of DB2 and WebSphere applications in Power Systems virtual environment. The attendees were provided with an opportunity to ask questions regarding the Power technology in the course of a scheduled Q and A session with IBM representatives.

It is worthwhile reminding that ICL-KME CS is an IBM Business Partner. Due to its extensive experience in building data centers, ICL-KME CS is ready to provide customers with innovative solutions developed by IBM alongside with standard business solutions.

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