1 New Opportunities For Growing Business: Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Communication – Security” Upgraded IT Infrastructure
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New Opportunities For Growing Business: Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Communication – Security” Upgraded IT Infrastructure

02August 2016


New Opportunities For Growing Business: Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Communication – Security” Upgraded IT Infrastructure

Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Communication — Security» completed IT infrastructure upgrade project with the help of ICL-KME CS experts. The upgraded computing resources of the company meet its growing business needs in full. Furthermore, all key components have been duplicated minimizing downtime risks.

Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FSUE) «Communication — Security» provides a wide range of security services. Its branch offices operate in all regions of the Russian Federation. However, the dynamic rates of business development as well as introduction of new business systems inevitably bring about increased load on IT infrastructure. To meet the growing business needs, top management of FSUE Communication — Security decided to upgrade the existing computing resources.

ICL-KME CS was selected as a preferred contractor for this project. Its experts implemented a number of successful projects for FSUE Communication — Security in the past and demonstrated profound expertise and high competence. The positive experience of cooperation enabled the two companies to complete all scheduled works on time and in good quality including hardware delivery and implementation of all necessary systems.

At the first stage, the engineering team audited the existing IT infrastructure and developed system design to accommodate needs arising in course of further business development. Then the integrator supplied hardware, installed it and put it into operation as well as implemented resilient virtualization system based on VMware and backup systems based on Veeam software.

In addition to basic virtualization and backup systems, a number of other state-of-the-art IT systems were also deployed at the enterprise including the Email system based on Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, KEMP VLM-200 virtual load balancer providing high availability of Email service, and resilient spam and virus protection solution based on Cisco IronPort C-Series.

Representatives of FSUE Communication — Security announced that they will continue hardware upgrade project. In particular, a number of large computational nodes are planned to be added to virtualization cluster giving the company new opportunities for business development.

“Prior to this project, FSUE Communication – Security did not take full advantage of virtualization and backup technologies,” said Dmitry Marullin, Key Account Manager, ICL-KME CS. “The implemented solution enables our customer to store backup copies of each information system within a year and to automate backing up and data integrity control processes that makes it possible to minimize data loss and to achieve assured data recovery. Put it otherwise, we have created the so called basis – high availability environment enabling efficient operation of the company’s information services.”

“Within the framework of IT infrastructure upgrade project, we did not only upgrade legacy hardware with state-of-the-art solutions. With the help of ICL-KME CS experts we managed to build a reliable system that provides efficient and trouble-free operation of the whole IT infrastructure,” commented Maxim Shcherbakov, Head of IT Department, FSUE Communication – Security. “Furthermore, a resilient Email system was deployed at our enterprise. As a result, our employees can now use Email service on their mobile devices without compromising security of transmitted data.”

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