1 New Stage of Virtualization Development — Hyperconverged Infrastructures Are Gaining In Popularity
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New Stage of Virtualization Development — Hyperconverged Infrastructures Are Gaining In Popularity

28September 2016


New Stage of Virtualization Development — Hyperconverged Infrastructures Are Gaining In Popularity

Hyperconverged solutions are steadily conquering the market and will soon become mainstream. According to IDC forecasts, global spending on hyperconverged infrastructure will be growing very fast. It is estimated to increase by 70% annually and to exceed 4.7 bln USD by 2019. The cause of popularity of hyperconverged integrated systems and their benefits for different companies — these and other important issues were discussed at the workshop held by ICL-KME CS and Nutanix.

A joint workshop held by ICL-KME CS and Nutanix on the premises of Kazan IT Park was dedicated to state-of-the-art IT infrastructure building technologies.

Web-scale infrastructure and hyperconverged integrated systems (HCIS) built upon this new concept became the key topic of the workshop. These solutions are intended to simplify architecture of IT infrastructure and to facilitate IT infrastructure management.

According to Roman Khmelevsky, expert from Nutanix, hyperconverged integrated systems are likely to become mainstream in the nearest future.

Within the framework of the workshop, Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform was showcased to the attendees. This solution integrates scalable hardware server with incorporated corporate data storage based on Nutanix software and can run virtualization systems developed by VMware, Microsoft, and also Acropolis Hypervisor, developed by Nutanix.

According to Roman Khmelevsky, one of the main distinguishing features of Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform is its independence from the type of used hypervisor: «This platform can efficiently work with different types of hypervisors including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V or an in-house developed Nutanix hypervisor. Besides, this solution offers extended scalability enabling user to seamlessly boost performance by adding nodes to the existing cluster.»

Experts participating in the workshop reported that hyperconverged integrated systems market in Russia is in initial stage of its development. However, it demonstrates dynamic growth. Many renowned global and domestic companies have already appreciated capabilities of hyperconvergence. Their number is expected to grow.

“Last year hyperconvergence drastically changed the situation on IT infrastructure market. It’s hard to name another technology that succeeded in conquering the market so fast,” he pointed out. “The main advantages of hyperconverged systems are easy scalability, fast deployment and low cost of ownership when compared to traditional IT infrastructures. In particular, according to the survey conducted by IDC, implementation of Nutanix software made it possible to reduce total cost of ownership by 58% over the period of 5 years whereas initial investments in IT infrastructure paid back in only 7.5 months. Since many companies have tight budgets nowadays, this benefit becomes particularly important for them.”

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