1 OJSC Milkom, Largest Manufacturer and Supplier of Dairy Products in the Udmurt Republic, to Launch In-House Data Center
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OJSC Milkom, Largest Manufacturer and Supplier of Dairy Products in the Udmurt Republic, to Launch In-House Data Center

31August 2016


OJSC Milkom, Largest Manufacturer and Supplier of Dairy Products in the Udmurt Republic, to Launch In-House Data Center

Continuity of business processes of OJSC Milkom is now supported by high-tech infrastructure. ICL — KME CS experts helped to build an in-house data center that meets all present-day requirements and standards.

Milkom is incorporated into KOSMOS Group, a leading agricultural holding in Udmurtia. Its turnover is estimated at over 200,000 tonnes of dairy products a year. Today Milkom’s products are sold in 59 regions across Russia and in the Republic of Kazakhstan. However, the business development plan envisions further implementation of market penetration strategy. Such dynamic business growth leads to increased load on IT infrastructure. Every day the company faces a number of challenges including low efficiency, wearing of IT hardware and utility systems. As a result, there is a real risk of business-critical application failure and delays in shipment of perishable products.
Milkom had to upgrade its IT infrastructure to solve these problems. The key asset of the upgraded IT infrastructure is an in-house data center featuring 100% scalability without the need to stop hardware operations. Now the company can adjust the productivity to its growing business needs.

ICL — KME CS was selected as a preferred contractor to build in-house data center because our company has a positive experience of successful cooperation with KOSMOS Group.

An ideal facility was selected at Izhmoloko production site. The allocated building meets all key requirements imposed on real estate units designated for data center construction. In particular, building floor area was initially designed to carry considerable load (up to 1500 kg/sq.m), there is a site close by where peripheral equipment can be conveniently placed, all service lines have been installed.

At the first stage of data center deployment project, all utility equipment forming data center’s critical support infrastructure was installed and configured including uninterruptible power system, air ventilation and fire-extinguishing systems. FG Wilson containerised generator solution and Socomec, N+1 redundant modular ups were used as uninterruptible power supply solutions. Water-cooled air-conditioning units based on Rittal liquid cooling packages were selected as air conditioning system.
Once the utility lines were installed, second stage of data center deployment project began. A reliable resilient IT infrastructure with wide scalability was built, followed by all necessary setting up and fine tuning operations. Finally, data center was launched.

“Water cooled air-conditioning systems are more expensive and more complicated in operation and maintenance,” said Oleg Sorokin, Data Center expert, ICL – KME CS. “However, they become more often used in corporate data centers due to a number of benefits they provide: while the size of their enclosure remains the same, water-cooled air-conditioning units are approximately twice as powerful as freon charged ones, produce lower noise levels, are more cost-effective in normal operation and more efficient in standby mode (when power is off). But the most significant factor speaking in favour of these systems is that the free cooling technology integrated into water cooled air conditioners used in the parts of Russia with moderate climate makes it possible to reduce power consumption by 10 to 20% for several month a year.”

“Although ICL – KME CS has extensive experience in data center design and deployment, this project will be remembered by its complexity and large scale. We have completed all project lifecycle stages – from data center design to implementation. Over 50 experts from ICL – KME CS took part in data center deployment. Total weight of all supplied hardware exceeded 9 tonnes,” said Dmitry Marullin, Key Account Manager at ICL – KME CS. “I’d like to express my gratitude to Milkom employees. Thanks to their active support, we managed to implement all project stages to the highest standard.”

“Our business growth led to rapidly rising risk of IT infrastructure failure to manage increased load. The resources underlying its scalability were practically exhausted. We took a very important decision to build an in-house data center,” said Alexey Orlov, Head of IT Department, OJSC Milkom. “And we have never regretted it. We appreciate high level of competence of ICL – KME CS experts that enabled us to obtain a reliable tool to facilitate sustainable development of our enterprise.”

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