1 Preferential Lending for Digitalization of Industrial Enterprises
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Preferential Lending for Digitalization of Industrial Enterprises

16October 2018


Preferential Lending for Digitalization of Industrial Enterprises

The Industrial Development Fund (IDF) has launched a lending program for enterprises that implement digital technology. ICL Group is among TOP Russian integrators, the cooperation with which allows companies to qualify for loans at a preferential interest rate of 1% per annum.

The preferential interest rate of 1% is also available for purchasing domestic software priced at over 50% of the loan amount.

Any industrial enterprises, except for oil companies, food production facilities and alcohol manufacturers, can join the program.

According to Roman Petrutsa, Head of IDF, the Fund will provide targeted loans of RUB 20 to 500 million for up to 5 years. Whereas, the cost of projects should be at least RUB 20 million and the applicant should provide at least 30% of the project budget. According to the Head of IDF, this lending program is generally aimed at optimizing existing production facilities by implementing digital technologies.

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