1 President of RT Rustam Minnikhanov Mentions ICL-KME CS at the Meeting
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President of RT Rustam Minnikhanov Mentions ICL-KME CS at the Meeting

25January 2011


President of RT Rustam Minnikhanov Mentions ICL-KME CS at the Meeting

Ministry of Economy of Tatarstan, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Industry and Trade organized a panel discussion with a focus on economic development of Tatarstan in 2010, considering investments and innovations as the key factors that influence further economy growth in year 2011. President of RT Rustam Minnikhanov in his speech to the delegates summarized the results of the previous year and formulated ten basic concepts meant to be a work program for industrial and commercial sectors in the current year. Among other priorities he highlighted IT sector which will give new unprecedented capabilities for businesses in RT.

It’s worth saying that prior to the panel discussion Kazan Helicopters JSC hosted the exhibition of manufactured products presented by the leading industrial enterprises of RT including ICL-KME CS. Among the visitors accompanied by Vadim Ligay, General Director of Kazan Helicopter Plant JSC, there were President of RT Rustam Minnikhanov, RT Prime Minister Ildar Khalikov, Minister of Energy Ilshat Fardiev, Minister of Industry and Trade Ravil Zaripov, Minister of Economy Midkhat Shagiakhmetov and other officials.

ICL-KME CS’ stand represented one of the key activities in the sphere of information security —solutions for personal data protection. Victor Diachkov, General Director of ICL-KME CS, emphasized that this direction is on the front burner for today in connection to the Federal Law «On Personal Data». He informed the government delegation about experience of ICL-KME CS in IT security, data protection projects implemented for Svyazinvest group and the company’s performance in 2010.
«Electronic Tatarstan regional program is a good example of operational decision making in Healthcare sector and Education sector,» said R.Minnikhanov. «We should have the same for businesses and enterprises the more especially as software developers and hardware manufacturers are available in Tatarstan — in particular, ICL-KME CS, a proven leader in IT.»

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