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Proactive Threat Protection

20September 2016


Proactive Threat Protection

Operations of many high-tech companies are under constant threat of cyber attacks. The number of malware targeted at corporate data security is constantly growing and, reportedly, it has increased by 61% in the first six months of 2016. Experts from ICL-KME CS and Symantec shared their insight into building proactive threat protection and preventing a cyber attack before it is launched.

A workshop jointly arranged by ICL-KME CS and Symantec was held in Kazan IT park and was dedicated to information security issues. The list of attendees included representatives of leading Tatarstan companies from banking, manufacturing and other sectors of economy.

Experts from Symantec, the world leader in Internet security, showcased Symantec Data Loss Prevention. This data security solution ensures safety of confidential data wherever it lives: in the cloud, on-premises, or on mobile devices.

According to Oleg Nikitsky, Head of Symantec Russia & CIS, there are two types of DLP systems. «A number of Russian companies sell solutions targeted at detecting the leak and identifying the intruder among the employees. But all these operations are performed after the leak has already happened,» he said. «However, Symantec uses another approach. Our goal is to minimize risk of confidential data leaks in all possible environments. I’d like to point out that the solution developed by Symantec is intended to secure only critical data that’s why there is no need to spend money on processing large number of data arrays as it is the case with the first type of solutions presented in the market.»

Another key solution that became the focus of interest for workshop attendees was Symantec Advanced Threat Protection, a solution that quickly responds to advanced threats and targeted attacks. This solution makes it possible to detect suspicious activity and questionable files with network and endpoint event correlation, to isolate them in so-called «sandbox» or to check them applying other methods, to analyse the anatomy of the attack and to block it with a few mouse clicks.

Apart from these solutions, the attendees also learned about multi-factor authentication, email and endpoint protection solutions, advanced protection technologies ensuring safety of critical servers and dedicated systems, such as ATMs, automated process control systems, information kiosks, etc.

This workshop became the first event jointly held by ICL-KME CS and upgraded Symantec, after its separation from Veritas and acquisition of BlueCoat.

“ICL-KME CS is our key partner in the Republic of Tatarstan. Our strategic plans envision further development and expansion of our cooperation. We take great interests in IT market in Tatarstan. It is very promising for developers of IT security solutions,” said Oleg Nikitsky.

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