1 PT Application Firewall: A Worthy Alternative To Western Solutions
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PT Application Firewall: A Worthy Alternative To Western Solutions

12August 2016


PT Application Firewall: A Worthy Alternative To Western Solutions

ICL-KME CS is happy to announce that Positive Technologies, one of its leading partners in information security, is once again listed in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls. This year Gartner analysts again included Positive Technologies and its Application Firewall solution in 2016 Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls, a Gartner research publication. The fact that the company is recognized in such rating indicates that its product is well developed, provides reliable protection for web applications and is in demand among customers.

ICL-KME CS and Positive Technologies have been cooperating for many years in the field of web application security. During this time a number of projects were successfully implemented including creation of web threat prevention solution based on Positive Technologies Application Firewall.

Positive Technologies Application Firewall solution protects web applications by using a variety of query parsing methods and identifying malware attacks targeted at critical resources. Cyber attack chain model helps to pinpoint among all uncovered attacks those ones that are indeed severe and critical to system security, by visualizing them. The built-in features (such as automated incident correlation) make it possible for the companies to detect intrusion and to stop cyber attacks in their early stages, sifting out irrelevant events and concentrating on really dangerous cyber attacks, as well as to significantly reduce attack detection time.

In 2016, new add-on modules were included in the product. In particular, P-Code module that incorporates source code security analysis and virtual patching features as well as special modules designed for in-depth protection of critical business applications (ERP, CRM, SRM and big data front-end applications including SAP HANA). The possibility to integrate 2016 PT Application Inspector SSDL Edition, a new version of code analyzer designed for establishing secure software development process, into PT Application Firewall makes it possible to ensure application security throughout its lifecycle — from application development to operation.

“Our main goal is to develop security solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies that will be competitive in the global market and in-demand in the domestic market. PT Application Firewall is a prime example of our achievements,” said Maxim Filippov, Director for Business Development in Russia, Positive Technologies. “We are very proud that PT Application Firewall has been recognized by Gartner, the influential global analytical agency, for the second year in a row. Our product holds a prominent position in the Russian market. According to last year results, the absolute value share of web application firewalls amounted to RUB 250 mln. This year we plan to increase this indicator yet again. PT Application Firewall is certified by FSTEC of Russia (Federal Service for Technology and Export Control) and is included in the Russian Software Register which makes it a clear choice for Russian government agencies and large businesses.”

“We are pleased to announce that this year Gartner, IT research and advisory company, has once again recognized our partner Positive Technologies as one of the leaders in developing Web Application Firewalls and key players that influence security systems market trends,” said Yury Butuzov, Head of Information Security Department, ICL-KME CS. “Positive Technologies Application Firewall is in demand in the market because it provides protection for web applications throughout their lifecycle. High appraisal received from Gartner analysts for the second year in a row confirms that Positive Technologies is on the right track with its application security solution.”

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