1 Representatives of ICL Group Participated in the “Made in Kazan” Forum
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Representatives of ICL Group Participated in the “Made in Kazan” Forum

26April 2022


Representatives of ICL Group Participated in the “Made in Kazan” Forum

Business development in new economic circumstances was discussed at the “Made in Kazan” Forum held in Kazan. Victor Diachkov, Head of ICL Group, and Timur Kaidanny, Head of ICL Services Innovation Committee, took part in the event.

The Forum gathered about 100 businessmen and experts from 11 economic sectors: heavy and light industries, food industry and agriculture, service industry, construction, real estate industry and property development, tourism and sports, high technologies, logistics, healthcare and other industries. Together with the experts, the participants defined the possible prospects of economic development and worked out tactics, including establishment of new partnerships.

Heads of large enterprises and business representatives acted as the Forum moderators. Timur Kaidanny was the moderator of the “High Technologies” industry round table.

“This year the Forum was dedicated to the principles of trust economy formation. Apart from the customary communication with high level experts, it involved the ‘global mind’—an industry-based brainstorming. And this attempt to create a communication platform within a business community can be deemed successful. However, a more intensive dialogue between the representatives of public authorities and the society is desirable. But the main thing is that the start has been made, and now it is essential to further develop the ‘Made in Kazan’ platform and let it overstep the boundaries of the Republic. We have all the prerequisites for that,” Timur Kaidanny said following on from the results of the Forum.

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