Round Table Discussion in Kazan: Representatives of RT Energy Sector, ICL-KME CS and Microsoft

11April 2011


Round Table Discussion in Kazan: Representatives of RT Energy Sector, ICL-KME CS and Microsoft

The round table discussion was held by ICL-KME CS for TATENERGO holding’s enterprises and JSC Grid Company late March in the hotel Courtyard Mariott Kazan. The event was devoted to building an integrated corporate information environment. Microsoft participated as an event partner.

The participants of the event were the representatives from JSC «Grid Company», JSC «Kazan Thermal Grid Company», JSC «Generation Company», JSC «Naberezhnye Chelny Thermal Network Company», JSC «Energosbyt» and LLC «TatAISenergo».

Following the transition to Microsoft’s new platform all the Tatenergo holding enterprises had to change their IT infrastructure, and that was the main purpose of this round table discussion.

The round table was declared open by ICL-KME CS representative who announced the key topics and introduced the first speaker — the IT department head from JSC «Grid Company». His report was devoted to two projects: Active Directory and interactive community-based collaboration systems based on Microsoft solutions, which were successfully implemented by ICL-KME CS experts taking into account the energy sector peculiarities. The event’s participants were informed about the projects’ results, viz. fault tolerance provisions and availability of services, employees’ communications enhancement and scalable infrastructure design for JSC «Grid Company».

Microsoft experts delivered the reports on Microsoft Lync and Microsoft SharePoint solutions — the baseline technologies to be used for building an integrated corporate information environment and a corporate portal; the reports were accompanied by demonstration of these solutions illustrating their benefits and capabilities.

Besides the overview of the required architectural solutions for transition to the new platform, ICL-KME CS specialists provided further recommendations for IT infrastructure upgrade and evolution within the holding’s enterprises. The report on private cloud computing based on MS platform was also presented as a new trend in future.

Vladislav Migachev, CIO, JSC «Grid Company» appreciated the event as very useful and practically focused because nearly all key issues devoted to IT infrastructure modernisation in energy sector were highlighted by Microsoft and ICL-KME CS specialists.

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