1 Service Center of ICL Services Starts a Contest
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Service Center of ICL Services Starts a Contest

06October 2017


Service Center of ICL Services Starts a Contest

October is the best time for a promo from the Service Center of ICL Services. Winners will get certificates for free preventive maintenance of a printer. Anyone can take part in the contest. For participation, you need to get acquainted with all the terms and conditions of the promo and fulfill them.

Rules and schedule of the contest

You are to:

  1. Be subscribed to ICL Services’ Facebook page.
  2. Repost the allocation record about the Service Center.

The promo will last from October 9 to October 23. It will be held for printers of the following brands: HP, Xerox, KYOCERA, and Brother.

Please keep in mind that printers, which are knowingly faulty, do not qualify for preventive maintenance. Specialists of the Service Center may deny the service to a certificate owner if they suspect a malicious intent.

Method for determining winners

October 24 will be the day of declaration of results. Each participant will be assigned a number, and 3 winners will be chosen by a random number generator. The video report will be posted in the official ICL Services’ Facebook page.

After the announcement of results, the contest organizers will contact the winners and send them certificates for free preventive maintenance of a printer in the Service Center located at 34 Sibirsky Trakt, Kazan.

The gift certificates will be valid for half a year from the issue date.

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