07August 2017



Signum, a leading software platform designer for the needs of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and ICL Services, IT service provider, have signed a partnership agreement. The scope of this agreement includes implementation of joint projects in the field of Internet of Things both in Russia and abroad.

The challenges addressed by the Industrial Internet of Things are slightly different from the ones faced by the Consumer Internet of Things. The IIoT solutions are marked by higher requirements to achievement of the desired business effect and lowering implementation risks. Off-the-shelf solutions portfolio based on Winnum software platform embraces only a part of potential application fields and areas where IIoT technology can be used for business needs. Today, the available IIoT solutions designed by Signum roughly fall into two areas of manufacturing — smart manufacturing and smart products.

In future, new solutions in the IIoT market will be offered by integrators possessing relevant experience of meeting business challenges with the help of IIoT solutions. The partnership agreement signed between Signum and ICL Services is another indicator confirming this strategy.

«Apparently, the IIoT market is being transformed. This has become possible in many ways due to the fact that companies understand now which challenges can be met and what targets can be achieved. Availability of proper technologies is a must. However, it is practically impossible to succeed without business case implementation concepts. ICL Services possesses both IIoT implementation concepts and business cases. We are delighted that we have signed a partnership agreement with ICL Services and take a very positive view of our further cooperation,» said Gregory Chernobyl, General Manager at Signum.

«We are excited to start working with Signum and we hope that our fruitful cooperation will result in implementation of many joint projects. I am sure that Signum’s outstanding industry expertise and the European way of doing business used by ICL Services will produce a required synergistic effect that will make it possible to achieve significant results in IIoT market both in Russia and abroad,» said Ilya Appolonov, Head of IoT Study Group, ICL Services.

About Signum
Signum is a global vendor of the leading software platform designed for the needs of the Industrial Internet of Things. Headquartered in Moscow, Signum is a resident of Skolkovo Innovation Centre. Signum solutions are used for remote monitoring, diagnostics and optimization of products and maintenance processes. Technologies developed by Signum make it possible to reduce the time, cost, and risks related to building innovative applications and services and to implement brand new business models that so far have been unavailable including Product-as-a-Service business model.

About ICL Services
ICL Services has been operating in the global market since 2006. It is the largest IT company in ICL Group. Today, ICL Services has about 1,000 employees working successfully with over 50 major clients from 26 countries providing IT maintenance services 24 hours 7 days a week in Russian, English, French and German. ICL Services is included in The Global Outsourcing 100, according to the IAOP.

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